private boat spots

The Antilla shipwreck is one of the best and largest shipwreck in the Caribbean that you can see with snorkeling.
Located at only 550 meters from the beautiful shores of boca catalina beach, this historical site makes the top the list. The SS antilla German freighter (1940 ) ,long 400 feet is very visible and makes it one of the most popular diving and snorkeling site on happy island.

Boca Catalina is a small beach. it is one of the smallest but most beautiful beaches in Aruba. The beach is perfect for relaxing and snorkeling. In the crystal clear water and the plain white sandy bottoms you can see many tropical fish and large schools of fish (yellow tail snapper, french angelfish, blue tang, sergeant major ..)

Malmok Beach is a beautiful shallow stretch to snorkel for beginners to advanced, It is located along the coastline of Aruba. There is not really a beach, but there are small entrances between the rocks. From the private boat you can easily swim past it and see a sea turtle if you are lucky. Here you see many schools of tropical fish, Sea-urchins and Starfish.

Arashi The most northerly beach of Aruba, The water is so clear that you can see the bottom of the crystal clear sea. Here you always see light waves because you are at end of Aruba. Via your private boat you can easily go snorkeling at the coral and you will be told where the best places are to see Sea Turtles, Giant Brain coral, and Sea fans.